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50 Quotes longing and missing someone who touches the heart


Having feelings of longing and nostalgia can be expressed through a collection of longing and missing quotes that will be presented in this article.

When we are far apart from the family of our husband and wife's friends, we will definitely feel those whose names are longing and missing, longing for the atmosphere of being together with the cool atmosphere of our hometown and longing for everything will be felt in our hearts. Sometimes feelings of longing make our hearts feel tight and heavy, but in today's technological era, we can express any feelings of longing easily, even though it only treats feelings of homesickness and at least we have already expressed them.

Now for those of you who are missing your dead family or your husband's wife's friend, you can express it through prayer and ask God to be given the best for him.

Without having to wait any longer, the following Quotes miss and miss someone who touches the heart that has been summarized from various sources and is very suitable for making quotes, Caption, whatsapp status and other social media.

Quotes both parents miss and miss are sad and touching.

1. God please grant all my prayers and dreams because I want to make my parents happy while they are still with me.

2. I'm just missing my parents, because they are people who can make me like this.

3. The silence of the night reminds me of the times when I was still in your lap and gives me your love and affection.

4. There is sadness every time it rains, because I am sad that you mother always protect me with your umbrella of love and it will be the most beautiful memory for me.

5. This heart always longs, does not want to move away from the passionate hope of your presence, father and mother.

Longing quotes for husbands.

1. This door will always be open for you, day and night I always look forward to your presence.

2. Thank you for wanting to fight for the happiness of our little family, and I am always waiting here and I always look forward to seeing you reunite with our children.

3. I want to be like those who are always together in the world and nature there.

4. No matter how far you go, I will always miss you and keep our promises.

5. I miss when we were dating, because at that time you were really the person I expected.

Quotes miss and miss your wife.

1. Thank you for letting me start the day by looking at your face.

2. I miss entertaining.

3. You are always in my heart and mind I love you, I miss you.

4. You are the rainbow in my eyes I miss you here I am.

5. How precious you are to the extent that I miss you.

Quotes miss and miss a father.

1. Father, you have sacrificed your father's soul just to make your family happy. Thank you father for all that You have given.

2. When I was desperate and wanted to give up, my father came and motivated me.

3. Your words are really valuable dad, thank you I can't get back what father has given me.

4. I'm here myself hoping for your presence, father because you always encourage me when I'm down.

5. Father, every time I come to this place my tears fall unconsciously, but as long as you know they are not tears of sadness but tears of longing.

Quotes miss and miss a mother.

1. As I get older, the more I understand what a mother is like.

2. When I cry, mother always accompanies me and provides all the solutions to my problems, but I have to give up my mother, I hope God will give you the best and most beautiful place in her place.

3. The silence of the night reminds me of the days when I was still in your lap and gave me your love and affection, mother.

4. Your smile is the most meaningful to me, because with your smile I hope one day I can make you happy.

5. Thank you mom, thanks to you I can be like this, I will always miss you in my prayers.

Quotes miss and miss friends.

1. Together with them we used to laugh together play together and get scolded together, now I miss them and the times we were together.

2. Childhood is the time I miss right now.

3. To me they are the nicest people I have ever met.

4. Wherever we are, wherever we are, we are always united and never think of betraying each other.

5. Friends are the best motivation for me.

Quotes miss and miss your boyfriend.

1. My only mistake is loving you too much.

2. The beauty of the rainbow is unable to cure my longing for you, only your face is pictured in my mind.

3. If it wasn't for love, I might not have made it this far.

4. Should I maintain this relationship alone, while he is just being cool.

5. I miss our chat room used to be cool even though what was discussed was not important - very important.

Quotes miss and miss someone who is dead.

1. Today only. let miss tell me about your voice which at that time spoke to me. about me who is always embarrassed when dealing with you. silent, couldn't say any more.

2. Missing the moon that is always sunken in your eyes, the scent of pine from the memory forest that you planted in my body.

3. As long as the leaves that morning were still condensed, I carried a pile of longing in the lungs and all the pores of the skin, I assembled your prayers for your safety from illness and because these longings were hard to suppress, for you, my prayers never went out. Alfin Rizal

4. Thank you Orange for welcoming me back to this city.
for a long time I have never seen that glow of your romantic light, now with a sluggish state I look at you happily. Silvia Munique

5. In the past we laughed, we
even shared a plate of twilight together. We used to be melodious to the ears,
but now it is only a word. Robi Aulia Abdi

Motivational quotes when missing and missing.

1. Begin to rise from adversity.
Never want to be enslaved by circumstances. What makes you able to do it is yourself.

2. Remember that Allah is always with his patient servant.

3. It is not wrong if you love.
But try to love what is reasonable. Don't torture yourself.

4. Keep doing good, even to those who don't treat you well.

5. I'm still in love with a cup of coffee, although it's bitter, he always accompanies me.

Motivational quotes for work spirit when you miss and miss.

1. Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Benjamin Franklin

2. We must all learn not only not to fear change, but to embrace it with enthusiasm and, perhaps even more importantly, to encourage and encourage it. Tony Hsieh

3. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, "I might!" Audrey Hepburn

4. Research shows that workers have three main needs: An attractive job, recognition for doing a good job, and letting things happen in the company. Zig Ziglar

5. If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall in love with anything. Bliss

That is a list of 50 Quotes that you miss and miss someone who touches your heart, hopefully it can be useful, thank you for visiting and reading it.