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50 short words of wisdom full of meaning and life motivation

50 short words of wisdom full of meaning and life motivation

words of wisdom full of meaning and life motivation Our lives in this world are sometimes not in line with what is expected, sometimes there is happiness and also sadness and every human being must have felt it. The following is a collection of wise quotes full of motivation and inspiration summarized from various sources.

words of wisdom full of meaning and life motivation

1. The purpose of life is happiness in the world and the hereafter, because that is human nature.

2. Sometimes sadness can also be the beginning of happiness.

3. No matter how boring, or how cruel, or how wise a man is, he feels that happiness is his undeniable right. Helen Keller

4. Love is the joy of the good, the magic of the wise, the admiration of the Gods. Plato

5. Our serenity is within ourselves, because we are the ones who make it all.

6. If we want to be successful we must try not by other people but by ourselves.

7. We can get happiness by ourselves if we are able to be grateful for what we have today.

8. All people who live in this world do not escape tests and trials.

9. Poets say great and wise things which they themselves do not understand. Plato

10. Never think of yourself as weak, make that you can.

11. Wise love begins with someone who is wise.

12. For the wise, life is a problem; for a fool, a solution. Marcus

13. Every problem has a solution, only our hearts are looking for a solution.

14. Success is not easy to come by when someone only complains a lot on the situation.

15. If you are successful; maybe other people will say: if I get the jewel, maybe some will say: how lucky that person would be if I get it, people can say easily with your success, but they never see with the struggle and journey that you travel.

16. Beauty can be obtained with patience and sincerity.

17. Our life is nothing but to worship Allah SWT.

18. Every human being must have been hurt, we must be able to learn from that injury.

19. Being deeply loved by someone gives us strength while loving someone deeply gives us courage. Lao Tzu

20. Love ourselves first, and everything else falls into the line. We really have to love ourselves to get anything done in this world. Lucille

21. How can we make sure we never miss our target? Shoot first, and whatever we hit, call it a target. Anonymous

22. Everyone wants your happiness. Don't let them take it !!.

23. If what we do is stupid but it works, then it's not that stupid at all. David Letterman

24. If we don't succeed at first, hide all the evidence we try. Anonymous

25. In Math we learn more about algebra today, like X + 10 = Y, should I care? Anonymous

26. How much do you want to be successful, if you want to be successful, start from now on.

27. Change your mind and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale

28. Life is too important to be taken seriously. Oscar Wilde

29. It looks impossible until you can do it. Nelson Mandela

30. It's better to be a lion for a day than a lamb for the rest of your life. Elizabeth Kenny

31. Keep smiling when you don't have what other people have.

32. Life is not always a reality, sometimes we also have to be in a drama so that everything looks fine. Wise quotes

33. Friends come when we are hard, not when we are happy. revelation darmansyah

34. Take care of your heart, I don't demand you to be loyal, just follow your heart, if you get bored, forget about me

35. Sometimes people can easily recognize your bad side, but people are not easy to know your good side.

36. A piece of chicken will not be obtained if we do not try to get it.

37. A fragrant flower in the garden is more beautiful than many flowers but smells.

38. A wise person does not keep his property to himself. The more he gave to others, the more he had for himself. Lao Tzu

39. He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. Lao Tzu

40. No matter how boring, or how cruel, or how wise a man is, he feels that happiness is his undeniable right. Helen Keller

41. Think then act.

42. Trials come for those of us who are capable.

43. Chance doesn't come twice, take it if you can afford it, don't do it if you can't.

44. Foolish people do not see the same tree that the wise see. William Blake

45. Get what you want with a wise mind.

46. ​​Life is a struggle that we must go through.

47. Our true happiness is not in this world but in the hereafter.

48. Contrast in goodness.

49. Two words that are difficult for humans to try to be patient and sincere.

50. Meaning your life first.

Those are some collections of wise quotes full of motivation and inspiration, hopefully they can be useful, thank you for reading them.