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8 the benefits of adequate rest for bodily health

the benefits of adequate rest for bodily health. Surely we all want the health of our bodies, but when you do not have enough sleep, it can be able to affect mood, weight, etc. then what are the benefits of adequate rest, the benefits are very many, especially for physical and spiritual health following his review.

8 the benefits of adequate rest for bodily health

Here are the benefits of rest.

  1. Improving body health, adequate sleep is very good for the body even has a very important role, while insufficient sleep is very risky for health and even fatal consequences such as stroke, kidney, heart, diabetes, increased stress, irregular heartbeat, and high blood pressure.
  2. Good for hormone growth. If you are in a period of growth, adequate sleep can help repair cells and tissues in the hormone and increase muscle tone in children, adolescents, and adults, adequate sleep can help the body to release hormones and support normal growth, not only that adequate rest or sleep is very important for puberty and fertility. 
  3. Thememory will be sharper, enough sleep will be good to sharpen your memory, due to lack of sleep or rest causes dizziness in the head instead of making us quickly senile or forgetful, if I go to sleep the memory can not be stored properly in the brain and even can be lost.
  4. Mood will be better, due to lack of sleep the mood becomes bad it is caused by lack of rest or sleep, if you have enough sleep your mood will be better. 
  5. Thebrain will respond quickly, enough sleep can overcome the lack of concentration on the brain, poor sleep can result in the brain tends to react more slowly or slowly and more errors will be obtained.
  6. The focus will increase, if you want to drive away or going home, it's better to rest first so that your safety is maintained, not only will drive but when you want to work you have to rest first so that your safety is awake, especially when you have a very good job dangerous or risky, sleep or rest is very important so that your focus increases.
  7. The body system will be stronger, well for those of you who feel it often, catch colds, your stomach feels nauseous, your head feels dizzy, your body feels tired quickly, it might be caused by lack of sleep. 
  8. Themood will be calmer, well if you are quick to anger, impatient, the factor of lack of sleep or rest can be the cause, even someone who does not have enough sleep tends to be moody, depressed, and stressed, and even gets tired quickly.

Now that's tips on the benefits of adequate rest for physical health, so that more leverage, you should have enough sleep and as recommended for an adult sleep that is recommended 7 or 9 hours per day for children aged 6 to 13 years 9 or 11 hours per day and for toddlers ages 3 to 5 years 10 or 13 hours per day, thank you for reading and so that I will know better so you can consult the nearest doctor, hopefully useful.