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What is Metaverse and What Are Its Benefits?


Lately you must have heard or even heard the word "metaverse". Is there anyone who is still wondering or wondering what the metaverse really is and what are the benefits of this metaverse?

Basically the metaverse is a virtual world where people can socialize or interact with each other in it. Metaverse is also known as 3D world. With the help of devices that have AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) support, one can explore the virtual world, and interact with each other in virtual 3D so that it feels more real.

Some countries are also currently developing virtual cities or metaverse cities, where people will be able to do activities in this city virtually. Starting from shopping, watching concerts, even working.

This metaverse technology also has many benefits for our lives, you know. Here are some benefits of metaverse technology that you need to know.


Metaverse is very closely related to the world of gaming. With metaverse technology, playing games becomes more real and more exciting. In fact, the gaming industry is the first sector to apply this metaverse technology.

Just check out some of the most popular games today that use metaverse technology such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. Axie Infinity is currently so popular that no less than 350,000 active players from around the world join the game every day.

With metaverse technology, players will be able to experience playing online games but feel like real with VR devices.

Benefits in the world of work

Who says metaverse is only for gaming? Metaverse technology also has benefits for the world of work. For example, when you are doing WFH, using online metaverse meeting technology will feel more real and memorable. Each meeting participant will be able to enter a virtual room with their own avatar display.

Metaverse technology will also enable employees to work from home or WFH with greater effectiveness and productivity. Work by coming directly to the office may not be needed anymore.

Another benefit of the metaverse in the world of work is to support inter-employee communication which will increase effective collaboration like face-to-face communication.

Social media

Of course the metaverse will greatly affect the development of social media. Inspired by the metaverse, the social media giant Facebook has changed its name to Meta. This shows that the social media company's focus is on metaverse technology.

If previously communication and social media activities were only limited to text messages, voice messages, phone calls, and video calls, in the future it is not impossible that in the future there will be an infinite metaverse world, where social media users meet and interact virtually.

Virtual tour

The tourism sector is also currently developing the application of metaverse technology for virtual tourism programs. With this technology, we don't need to come directly to look at the contents of a museum, for example.

Metaverse technology will allow tourists to enjoy a virtual travel experience with a 360-degree view, so that it feels as real as coming to an actual tourist spot.

So, when distance and place become obstacles for traveling, we can not only enjoy video recordings. Metaverse technology will allow tourists to enjoy the sights or objects in a museum more realistically from all angles.