Best Self Healing Ways to Heal Inner Wounds -

Best Self Healing Ways to Heal Inner Wounds

Best Self Healing Ways to Heal Inner Wounds

Everyone must have experienced a bad condition, so that it interferes with their own mental psychology, there are several ways to do the  best self-healing   that can be applied by you, but before knowing the best way to do self-healing, it is better to first know the meaning of self-healing.

What is self-healing

Self Healing is  a self-healing process from past inner wounds. Such as psychological disorders, trauma, bad experiences or other events that have a negative impact on our emotional state.

Currently, self-healing is often a public conversation, especially when awareness about mental health is increasing. So many people realize that  self healing  is so important to get rid of all the burdens of the mind so that they can move on and continue to live.

The goal of self-healing
According to psychology,  self-healing  is a healing process that only involves oneself to rise from the suffering that has been experienced and recover from inner wounds.

The goal is to understand yourself, accept your imperfections, and form positive thoughts about what happened.

Self healing not only heals the mind and soul but also our body. Especially, poor mental or emotional health conditions, can also affect our physical.

We must know that emotional and physical health ( stress or anxiety ) often go hand in hand and are interrelated, so these conditions can trigger other physical ailments.

How To Do The Best Self Healing
Here's how to do the   best self-healing  to help heal yourself from past inner wounds or psychological disorders, trauma, bad experiences or other events that have a bad impact on our emotional state.

1. Doing Positive Activities
You can take advantage of your free time when alone, such as doing positive activities that you like ( hobbies ), there are many things you can do to overcome self-healing, for example, such as; reading a book, cycling, listening to music or gardening, because these positive activities can help a person to be happier and feel relaxed.

2. Meditation
You can calm yourself by meditation, you can do it in a relaxed and calm atmosphere, try to put your feet on the ground, take a deep breath, and let it out.

3. Self Compassion
Self Compassion , understanding the emotional state of the suffering experienced. This method is useful for understanding yourself, such as increasing awareness, responding to bad events, and trying to get away from the past.

4. Make peace with the situation
Bad events can imprint on a person's mind. You have every right to be angry and hurt because of what happened. Try not to blame yourself and try to come to terms with the situation. Accept every situation that happens to be a lesson.

5. Regret as strength
Make Regret a strength, try to ignore negative thoughts and do something positive, get rid of thoughts that make you regret, if you have mistakes, and embarrassing experiences in the past that make you feel uncomfortable, it's better to capture and turn them into something strength.

6. Me Time
Me Time is : time for yourself, try to spend time alone without thinking about others.

7. The past is here to be interpreted
You can use this self-healing method to turn the past into a valuable experience, so you can take the positive side of healing, the goal is to learn in the future.

8. Talking to yourself
You can use your time to talk to yourself. Try to be aware of bad experiences that happened and be honest with yourself, this self-healing method is useful for venting bad feelings about something. And when you begin to understand it will arise feelings of gratitude for the life that is given.

9. Expressive writing
Expressive writing is a way of healing wounds in the past to explain all the feelings experienced. Use your time to write expressively, don't have to think about punctuation or quotes, you just need to write down all the events that have happened to you in the past.

10. Mindfulness
This method helps you to manage your thoughts, feelings, and the environment in your mind.

11. Practice Breathing
The following self-healing method is to practice breathing, try to calm yourself down, take a deep breath, count for a few seconds, then exhale, you can repeat this method until your heart feels calm and comfortable. Because by practicing breathing, you can calm your mind and emotions.

12. Forgive yourself
Sometimes not everyone can forgive themselves caused by the past. It is not even easy for a person to forget painful past events. It takes a long time to accept and forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself is the best way to heal yourself.

If you have a bad experience that interferes with  your mental psychology  , it is better to talk about it to the closest people you trust, or expert help, so that your mental psychological healing goes smoothly.