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25 Collection of Aphorisms For Both Parents Most Sad

25 Collection of Aphorisms For Both Parents Most Sad

Pearls of wisdom for the Saddest Parents - When we were little, maybe we would always be cuddled by the love of a father and mother, but when we get older (Merantau work) we will be separated from them both, that's what is called destiny, sometimes we have to separate from people that we love, at that time there are times when we will feel homesick for our parents, miss being scolded, miss being advised, miss laughing together, surely all those memories will be hard to forget in our hearts.

So there are many ways we can do so that we can let go of the longing that is within us for our parents. that is, one of them sends pearls of wisdom to parents. Or give a little surprise or just be invited to hang out together outside the house. Sending pearls of wisdom via WhatsApp can give you a little surprise. Moreover, sending it at a moment that neither of them had expected. Surely they will love us more. So, if you are confused about making words, there are many words that the admin has that can be used as messages or inspiration for friends, loved ones, parents, etc. The following below is a collection of pearls for the saddest parents, let's see together !!!


1. Missing - This heart always longs, does not want to move away from the passionate hope of your presence, father and mother

2. Sadness - There is sadness every time the rain comes, because I am sad that you mother always protect me with your umbrella of love and it is the fondest memory for me.

3. Sunset - If only the sun had not set, perhaps the joy of that moment would never have been extinguished.

4. Home - When I have chosen to go home, may Mom and Dad still be waiting for me in your waiting.

5. Night - At night I say prayers. I hope you are always okay there.

6. Missing - Don't be sad father and mother, I will always miss you, and for sure I will make you happy one day.

7. Waiting - If the night sky were as deep as mom and dad's gaze, I wouldn't want the sun to come in the morning.

8. Your child - Father and mother how are you? Do you know right now your child is missing you.

9. Hidden - Father and mother see your child who is always waiting for you, Are you aware of your child's feelings that have long been hidden and waiting for the presence of your father and mother.

10. Father and mother's love - The stillness of the night reminds me of the days when I was still in your lap and gave me your love and affection.


1. Just a piece of happiness - I never want to see mom and dad sad, only happiness is what I want to see on the faces of mom and dad.

2. My thanks - Dear father and mother, I am very grateful that you have fought for your child.

3. My Promise - Mother and Father I promise I will never waste the love you have given your child.

4. Irreplaceable - Father and mother are the people I love the most, and there will never be anyone who can replace them both in my life.

5. Can never be repaid - I will never be able to repay all the kindness and affection that my father and mother have given me, even though I become the richest person in the world.

6. Prayer - Every prayer in my prostration I always ask God to be able to live happily with my parents.

7. Father - My God is only to you I beg you, make my father healthy, so that I can be together again.

8. Mother - O Allah only to you I beg you, make my mother healthy, so that I can gather and be able to laugh with her.

9. For a bite of rice - Father gave up his father's soul, father's bones, the victim's father, all for the sake of giving a bite of rice to fulfill his father's obligations ... as the head of the household. I'm sorry daddy, because I always bother dad.

10. Light - Father and Mother Your affection is like a radiance that lights up my every path, in the darkness.


1. Crying - If I remember Mom and Dad's struggles, every time I cry.

2. Disappointing - Sorry I'm Dad Mom, I made you guys sad.

3. Wander - Now I choose to wander and leave you two I'm sorry, mother and father.

4. Forgive - mom and dad I'm sorry, if sometimes I don't care about you.

5. Shut up - sometimes I cry and miss both of you in my silence.