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20 Romantic Words for the Crash Guaranteed to Make Baper

Romantic words for a crush - In maintaining a relationship is not an easy matter, sometimes there are many problems that come and make the relationship almost tip of the finger (end). In building a harmonious relationship, good communication is needed. One of them is expressing romantic words for a crush that can make your relationship more intimate.

But sometimes it's not easy to put together a romantic word because of the lack of love vocabulary. Now, here Kustiana quotes presents romantic words for a crush that you can inspire.

Romantic Poetry For Crash

I Always Think of You

1. When I think of you, you are always in my mind, There is no more room for thought that I find.

2. I have never had such thoughts before, I am lost in you, which I admire.


3. I always long to come to you, connect with you, unite with you, build up with you.

4. I always love to look at him, cherish him, and fulfill his needs, I always love him,
I always want to be his.

A rope of love

5. I want to tie you with the rope of my love, I will never let go, let this rope of my love bear witness to our love.

6. I only have a rope of love, let me take care of you and care for you, and fight for you.

Fulfilled Dreams

7. How could anyone know,
The sweet dreams that I dreamed of when I was young, Can bloom and focus and grow, Until now they appear as truth.

8. For you, my love, fulfill all my dreams, From a life I thought could never be.

Romantic Words for the Best Crash

9. With his smile I saw something more beautiful than the stars.

10. I never loved you more than I did, right now. And I will never love you like I do, right now.

11. I know as soon as I meet you that there is something about you that I need. Turns out it's not something about you at all. It's only you.

12. But you've slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and captured my heart.

13. Love is not what we need - only love is there.

14. Wherever I go, I always know my way back to you.

15. I realize, that I love you, now and forever.

16. I love you like a man who drowns loves air. And it would break me to have you just a little.

17.I wanted to tell you that wherever I am, no matter what happens, I will always think of you.

18. I have fallen in love many times, but always only with you.

19. One thing I imagine when I see the word 'love' is you.

20. When you are with me, you make me more perfect. I really really love you.

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