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20 Motivational Words for a Short Life of Meaning to Achieve Love & Success

Collection of Motivational Words for Life in Brief Meaningful to Achieve Love & Success. In life, we must have experienced sadness and confusion, and sometimes at that time the mood will decrease. Feelings of sadness are usually when someone has problems in life, whether it's family problems or problems in relationships / work. When we feel it, sometimes we need words that can bring back confidence in ourselves.

So because of that at this time I will present a collection of Motivational Words for a Short Life of Meaning to Achieve Love & Success that can restore self-confidence summarized from various sources.

Motivational Words for a Short Life of Meaning to Achieve Love & Success.

1. The main key in life is gratitude. People who are grateful have a calm heart and always feel happy. People who are not grateful have a pain in their heart.

2. Gratitude is always a must. Even though it's hard, it's hard to taste bitter. because that's in fact life.

3. Patience is the toughest decision in life. Cry and bow before your rabb, Never complain about what happened, Because not all flowers grow and bloom together.

4. The spirit to welcome the day, sure there is a way out.

5. bismillah. Don't waste the rest of our life and do the best we can, hopefully we can all pass through this stage of life with faith and piety. amiin

6. No matter how small the money will be if it is used for LIFE. But no matter how much money will never be enough if it is to meet LIFESTYLE.

7. Don't depend too much on anyone in this world. Even your shadow will leave you when you are in the dark.

8. When you are at a very fragile point, ask Him only for strength.

9. Better to lose something for God's sake. Instead of losing God for something.

10. Do not delay what you have to do at this time. Procrastination only makes you fall behind.

11. At a time when my dream was considered nonsense, at that time I also understood that the dream was worth fighting for.

12. A good man does not take away the honor of the woman he loves, but makes the woman he loves to be a respectable woman.

13. Nothing in this world is instant, everything requires a process, never give up and despair if at this time your prayers have not been answered by Allah.

14. It is futile if you regret the past, you should regret what you will not be able to do in the future.

15. A warrior never gives up, they are strong in defending it.

16. If men love women because of their morals then. all women will be more busy changing their morals than make-up na.

17. Work you, as if you will live forever. And Worship you, as if you were going to die tomorrow.

18. If you want to be understood, then learn to understand.

19. Disappointment will make you worse, if you can't control it.

20. The happiness of a wife is evidence of the success of a husband in providing for her.