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Words of wisdom are short motivations full of meaning

Words of wisdom are short motivations full of meaning.

Words of wisdom are short motivations full of meaning

Collection of words of wisdom - every Muslim living in the world is not spared from trials and trials, Following the word of Allah swt. in the Qur'an (Ali'imran / 3: 186) You will truly be tested, on your property and yourself.

the course of human trials and trials is certainly different but remains the same when faced with these trials and trials, is patience, patience is the best key in dealing with trials and trials.

The Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam said,

"From 'Um'mu Al-Ala, he said: The Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam visited me when I was sick, then he said. Be patient, O Um Al-Ala. Indeed, the pain of Muslims, makes Allah eliminate all mistakes., and fire that removes gold and silver impurities.

Humans are tested and tried with wealth, throne, bankruptcy, difficulties, poverty, loss of loved ones, the best way is to pray and be patient when faced with it all Allah says In the Qur'an (al-Baqarah: 286) God does not burden someone but according to his ability. He is valued for the virtues he endeavors, and he is tormented by the crimes he has committed.

The following words of wisdom are short motivations full of meaning.

1. every human has ever made a mistake, whether it's a big or small mistake, because we are human, the best mistake is, where we are able to rise up and correct the error and not repeat the same mistake twice.

2. dreams are our ideals, who feels the dream, other people or us, of course we who feel our own dreams, be proud of yourself.

3. make failure as a lesson, for success in the future.

4. failure is delayed success, the most important thing is I have tried and I can make the experience.

5. Do not want to be defeated by your own lust, because it does not necessarily mean that lust brings happiness to the world and the hereafter.

6. the key to happiness is to be grateful and patient, Grateful for the favor of God that has been given, Be patient with the trials and examinations that are being faced.

7. Complaining is not the best way to solve problems, stay calm and try and be accompanied by prayer, so that your problems, quickly resolved.

8. The journey of life is the most difficult journey, because life is full of tests and trials, in order to continue to be able to live a good life, is to remain calm and patient remember God will not burden us, if we are not capable, surely we can face it.

9. Remember there are losers who win, don't be sad when you lose, because defeat can be the beginning of victory, Remember don't be proud when you win, because the victory can be the beginning of defeat.

10. life in the world is like a spinning wheel, if you are on top don't ever be arrogant and boast, because there are still many who are waiting below with sincerity and sincerity.

keep the spirit in the face of trials and trials keep the spirit, and God is always close to us, hopefully useful.