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16 words of wisdom when you miss both parents

words of wisdom when you miss both parents.

16 words of wisdom when you miss both parents

pearls of wisdom when we miss both parents - when we go far away from our parents we will definitely feel a deep longing, especially when our parents are gone, of course that longing will deepen deep inside, That is life, for sure, we will also feel it, being patient is one of the ways that longing can be treated properly, and if you want to cheer yourself up, so that your longing can be shed, you can read a few words of wisdom when you miss both parents from me. following:

1. When father and mother prostrate I believe you always pray for me sincerely and sincerely. But I was unable to do anything. because I can't go home and gather at this year's Eid, I really miss you so much.

2. When I was little I was always swayed by your love, but this is the name of destiny, which I must live, because I lost you as if I never thought my father and mother would leave so fast. God may you convey my longing to my parents.

3. When I cry my mother always accompanies me and provides all solutions to my problems, but I must let my mother go, hopefully God will give you the best and most beautiful place here.

4. The silence of the night reminds me of the days when you were still in your lap and gave me your love and affection, mother.

5. I'm sorry, dad, mom because I always bother you, now I realize that mom and dad are the best in my life. I really miss you.

6. Your father who fought for me, until I grew up and now I have to leave father forgive me, I always trouble Dad.

7. When I'm close to my father and mother I'm always happy and given your love and affection, but when I'm far from you I miss the affection given to me. 8. Your smile is the most meaningful to me, because with your smile hopefully one day I can make you happy.

9. Yes Allah, make it easy for me to take care of my business, so that I can make my parents happy, because I love them and I want to see them smile happily.

10. Time was so fast, a time where I often play with you, feel the happiness of the most valuable and I will never forget until the end of my life.

11. Childhood is the most beautiful, a lot of memories that I will never forget, thank you mom and dad for giving me those memories.

12. Mother, don't cry because I will always be with you in your heart.

13. Thank you, thanks to my father and mother, I can be a useful person, hopefully you will be happy and make you proud.

14. Thank you mother because thanks to you I can be like this, I will always miss you in my prayers.

15. Father, your struggle is very much, you never ask anything from me, you sincerely fight for me, forgive me I love my father and mother.

16. Right now I am missing those two of them who are always behind me to motivate me father and mother I miss you.

Hopefully useful Thank you for reading.