How To Use Google Adsense Youtube -

How To Use Google Adsense Youtube

How to Register for Google Adsense YouTube from Handphone Easily and Quickly

How to use google adsense youtube, For YouTubers, knowledge of how to register for Google Adsense on YouTube is very important. Especially if your activities as a YouTuber become one of your sources of income. In addition to work, another reason many people become content creators is because the income from Google Ads is quite promising.

Understanding Google Adsense is Google's online advertising service. For you entrepreneurs, Google Ads can be a medium to promote the products or services you offer.

As for creators, this advertising program can be a source of income. When someone places an ad on Google and the ad appears on your platform, then you have a chance to earn money from that ad.

How to register for Google Adsense is not difficult. On this occasion we will discuss about how to register for youtube adsense. What are the steps? Here's the explanation.

Google Adsense YouTube Registration Terms

But before knowing the steps or how to register for adsense, there's nothing wrong if you also study the terms for registering for this program first. Here are four conditions that must be met before monetizing your YouTube channel:

  • Account has been verified.
  • Have a minimum of 1000 subscribers.
  • No spam emails.
  • Has 4000 watch hours for the last one year.

This condition may seem severe. But you can do various strategies so that your YouTube channel can grow rapidly.

One way that can be done is diligently uploading videos. When the number of videos you upload is large, the chances of getting subscribers and view time are higher.

How to Register Youtube Google Adsense via Handphone

After knowing the requirements to register for Google Adsense, you can immediately take the registration steps. How to register for Google Adsense YouTube can be done using a cellphone. So very easy and practical.

As for how to register for Google Adsense for YouTube, as follows:

1. Open Google Chrome App

The first step you have to do is open the browser on your smartphone. To simplify the registration process, it is recommended to use Google Chrome.

After entering the browser home page, change the view to the desktop version. This step is taken to make the registration process easier and clearer.

2. Go to YouTube Site

The next way to register for youtube adsense is to go to the youtube site at Then login using the youtube account that will be monetized.

3. Open YouTube Studio

If you have successfully logged in, you can now go directly to the YouTube Studio menu. The method is quite easy, you can click the YouTube channel logo on the top right. Then select the "YouTube Studio" option.

On this page, you can find various information about your YouTube account. You can view a list of comments, account reach, audience demographics, and information about monetization.

4. Selecting the Monetization Menu

The next step is to select the monetization menu in the upper left corner of the channel. If you have, then you can see information whether the channel can be monetized or not.

If you meet the requirements, you can immediately follow the next step. However, if these conditions are not met, you cannot register for Google Adsense and must meet the applicable registration requirements.

Monetizable channel information will also usually be emailed to you. So, without needing to open this menu if the channel is eligible, you will get a notification email.

5. Creating Data

The next stage is that you must fill in all the requested data completely and correctly. The form will be submitted and checked by YouTube. This process usually takes a long time.

The way to tell if the monetization request you specified is by looking at the list of videos you uploaded. If the list of videos already includes a green dollar icon, then your adsense app is ready.

That's when you can set ads that will appear on every video content you upload. To earn abundant income, you must regularly upload videos on your YouTube channel.

Those are some ways to register for Google Adsense YouTube via HP. This method is very easy and practical. If you are a YouTuber who has met the requirements, immediately register adsense with the steps as described.