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13 Marketing Online Businesses Without Capital Or Small Capital That Can Be Used As A Reference Or Inspiration

Marketing Online business opportunities are now easier for almost everyone to do, have minimal capital, the business choice is the reason.

Marketing Online Businesses

if you are confused about what online business to do?

Well there are several businesses with small capital that can be used as a reference by you.

Lately, technology is growing and making online business people more and more in demand.

why online businesses are getting more and more enthusiasts?

Actually the reason, namely:

Small capital
Can be done anytime, anywhere, and can be done by anyone
Of course profitable
Online business can be profitable up to 3 times the previous capital and have the opportunity to become a millionaire

What should be prepared for become an online entrepreneur?

You only need:

Data to build trust from consumers, and it will be maintained,
There is a will inside,
An android phone that has a smooth network and a camera , a
laptop, if you don't have it that's okay

Are you interested in trying it? If interested you can try the following online businesses:

1. Become a reseller or become a dropshipper.

What is a reseller?
A reseller is someone who sells or markets other people 's products

What is a dropshipper?
A dropshipper is someone who sells other people's goods but with his own name, and asks a supplier to deliver goods or products, only you market the product.

If you have sufficient capital, you can start an online business by way of resellers and buy from the owner (the owner of the goods) and resell the goods or products you bought by the owner to consumers.

However, if you don't have capital or have little capital, you can start with an online dropship business
and ask suppliers to send goods or products to your customers.

The similarities between the two businesses are that they do not have their own goods or products.

2. Prison writers, selling blog article services for people who provide articles.

If you do not have the slightest capital you can try to become a writer or you have prepared articles for you to sell.

How to?

Find friends on social media who have blogs, try to offer yourself to your friends to establish a strong relationship.

or join blogger groups where you can promote yourself, or you can also directly join news sites such as kompiana, idntimes, and many more

3. Become a blogger. Or create a blog.

Well, if you like to write a story or anything else you can try to create a blog.

Many advantages when you have a website! Then what are the advantages of having a blog,

here are the advantages: having a blog you can advertise your own products without having to pay or even bother in terms of product marketing.

In addition, you can become a publisher of Google Adsense or any other advertising provider.

When your visitors have started to increase, there will be someone from a businessman who wants to advertise their products on your website, at an appropriate and fairly high price.

Besides that, you can also become an advertiser on his own blog, or even ask all bloggers to advertise products that ask you to advertise them with a profit-sharing system.

Make as many blogs as possible, because having a lot of blogs means the more you have the opportunity to reap huge profits of up to millions of rupiah.

4. Disener blog template and sell it.

Well if you like and are an expert in coding you can try to become a blog template diner.

Is there a successful template diner?

Of course, I have an example for Massugeng, Beliou is one of the successful template diners, for example the template I use is viomagz from Massugeng,

And we can use this Beliou as inspiration, if you are interested please try it yourself.

5. If you have expertise in foreign languages ​​you can become a language translator.

There are so many companies that need someone who has expertise in foreign languages.

That's because it is caused by:

The number of companies that cooperate with foreign companies.


The number of documents that must be translated.

If you are a beginner you can search for a small business on the internet.


You can offer it to your friends or relatives in advance, at least to be a learning material in the future.

And looking for experience to open opportunities, become a translator for big companies.

Besides that, it can be done at home, without having to interfere with your activities at home, this is suitable for a woman.

You only need to offer services via the internet,

this is worth a try, because it's easy to do, for those of you who want to work at home, being a translator is very suitable because the benefits are big, and without the slightest capital,

if you are interested please try it.

6. Opening a website creation service earns millions of dollar in profits.

Is making a website that can generate millions of rupiah?

Of course the website is generally used by companies and government sites.

If you have this skill why not give it a try!

How much does one website cost? the cheapest price for one website is five hundred thousand to one million then the most expensive is six million to tens of millions.

You can check it on google the price of one website. How to? You can advertise on Google this way, it's very relevant and good, if you don't have enough capital, you can also offer yourself on social media such as joining forums selling websites and the same group.

7. Make a wedding invitation card or other.

If in Indonesia the population reaches 1 million people, which are definitely men and women, almost 10% of them must look for wedding invitations through the internet.

Can I?

Of course, you can create a website or social media account that specifically sells invitation cards, of course now this era is all easy and sophisticated, there must be a lot of competition

. distinguishes it from others and looks better than others.

8. Make cakes or non-perishable foods (snacks)

There are many opportunities to become successful people, one of which is making cakes, who would have thought that there are so many people who are successful from selling cakes, besides you can market it at home, you can also market it via the internet.

Suitable for those who like to cook, and have minimal capital.

So what if you don't have any capital?

You can establish a relationship with a cake maker shop or it can be with relatives, family, friends and then you market it.

If interested please try it yourself.

9. Become a photographer.

So if you have a hobby of taking photos, you can sell your own photos via the internet.

So what do you need an expensive camera for?

In my opinion, you don't need an expensive camera, it's the quality photos that can be profitable.

Why do I recommend it?

Because now there are many big sites that mediate payments for photography.

Not only that, you can also sell the photo at pixabay.com, Fotolia.com, Shutterstock.com, Dreamstime.com, iStockphoto.com, Shutterfly.com

And wait until someone wants to buy the photo,

My advice if you want a quick photo sell the site:

Good original shots, edited before uploading, sharp images, and much more.

How to pay?

Now this era is easy, you just set up a paypal account, if you don't have one, you can make it easily, just use your ID card or directly through your account.


Without capital, you only have a hobby and have a camera. If you don't have a camera, you can also use your cellphone.

10. Become a real estate agent.

So if you want to do business without capital gains of tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah, you can try to become a property agent.

This is suitable for those of you who have little or no capital, only the services you use. How to? Here's how to become a real estate agent • Take advantage of Online Media • Socialize and Expand Connections • Group Your Clients • Build a Convincing Figure • Narrow Your Specialist Areas • Enrich Knowledge • Prepare a Budget • Prepare and Plan • Be Professional • Build Relationships and Portfolios • Get Permits • Find a real estate agent's office • Be active on social media.

Are you interested in trying it?

11. selling graphic design services.

If you have graphic design skills, you can use this knowledge to make your income.

Nowadays, many people need graphic education from abroad or within the country, it's enough just to advertise.

Can beginners also make money in mendingen?

Of course why not, because very few people have that skill.

Make a good disen, then you can offer it on the internet or close relatives, and that can be your experience.

And learning so that you have flying hours.

12. Sell premium blog template editing services.

If you know javascript, w3, html, jqury, or even know everything that is important in blog templates.

You can try the blog template editing business.


How to offer yourself to the bloggers and establish a good relationship with them.

This service does not at all spend a lot of capital, only capital for coffee boats, and capitalizes on expertise.

13. Sell seo services.

If you are a seo expert why not to sell your skills, and help people,

What is seo?

A great blogger must already know what is called seo, if you are a newbie blogger you will definitely be familiar with the name seo, seo is:
Search Engine Optimization, which is used to increase blog traffic that has good keyword placement skills, or even on the first page in a google search.

You can offer these services through advertising or even offer yourself directly to bloggers.

Are you interested?

If interested please try it.

So those are my online business tips and look forward to other tips.

Failure must have success, don't be afraid to try something, if you are afraid of losing big, you can try the tips from me.

Profit and loss is a business, if there is a will there is a way.

If you ever experience failure, never give up because we don't know everything that will happen tomorrow. Thank you, hopefully useful.