Top 40 Quotes About Money Doesn't Guarantee Happiness -

Top 40 Quotes About Money Doesn't Guarantee Happiness

Top 40 Quotes About Money Doesn't Guarantee Happiness

Quotes about money - Who doesn't like money, and do you agree that money is not everything and can guarantee happiness, maybe some people agree or not, because everyone has their own principles. But in Islam it has been explained that our happiness is not in this world but in the hereafter, but we also should not focus on the hereafter, because we also need the world, for our happiness so that our worship will be solemn, so the goal of our life and our happiness is the world and the hereafter. .

Is money that important? In my opinion, money can be said to be very important! money is important for our needs, then when you worship god what do you ask for? Surely what you are asking for is sustenance, and money is very important if it is used for good, such as to support the family, be used for charity, give orphans, and be used in a way that is pleasing to God. So that it is a good deed for us.

Money is very important, but money also doesn't guarantee happiness, because many people who have abundant wealth have their lives less happy, I don't know why so they are like that, well only God knows. If you want to feel calm with your possessions, try to do what has been said above, maybe that could be the reason you don't feel happy.

Here is a collection of 40 quotes that mean money is not everything that will give you a positive perspective on the role money plays in life. Quoted from thediaryforlife.

Quotes Money is not everything in life

1. The ideal picture of life has money as a background and not as a focal point.

2. A true lover is not impressed by your wealth, because he knows true love is priceless.

3. When people spend themselves making a living, they forget that they have a life to live.

4. If you think only your salary can make you rich, you are already very poor.

5. Success comes through resilience, learning and experience; money is not enough to pay for success.

6. In the bank of life, you trade with love and not currency.

7. Money is not everything; it is something. It's not a source of power, but it has an effect. It doesn't have any value, but it's worth it.

8. A successful business is not built with big money. It was built to create more opportunities for everyone to make enough money.

9. Money doesn't change people, but it sure unmasks some.

10. Having a relationship with money is like trusting a fraud. You just don't know how long it will last.

11. Money can buy you a beautiful cage, but living in a cage or with freedom is ultimately your choice.

12. Money is like the sea. Even with a gallon of water, it can never quench thirst.

13. Even the most luxurious bed in the world can't promise you a good night's sleep; beds can be sold, sleep is priceless.

14. If you don't feel happy from within, no materialistic possessions will bring happiness into your life.

15. Money supports you to be successful, but it is not a determinant of success. You can have all the money in the world and still fail in life. So, practice and preach about happiness.

16. The world is unhappy because some people have more money than they need while others have no money even for their needs.

17. Having money but not knowing how and with whom to spend it is the greatest suffering in life.

18. Money can buy medicine, but health is a gift you have to work for.

19. You need money in life to buy things that make you happy, but again the choice to be happy is always yours.

20. Money doesn't buy love in a relationship. It is only necessary in a relationship when all love is gone.

21. Having money brings fear of loss. Having no money brings great misery. It does not bring happiness and satisfaction at all.

22. Don't just spend your life making money, make time to enjoy it too.

23. Buying money to lose something priceless is the worst deal ever.

24. Losing time for money is like losing wealth to get rich.

25. Stories that tell us that money can't buy dreams, hopes, aspirations, and success.

26. Happiness is not sold on the stock market. It's stored in your heart's locker.

27. Being poor is only a choice, especially if you believe that money is the only way to get rich.

28. People believe money can buy happiness, but forgetting blessings can kiss you with luck.

29. You should be money conscious but not at the expense of your conscience.

30. Live life, laugh and spread happiness; getting and giving money is not everything.

31. The pursuit of money often makes people lose heart.

32. True wealth does not stay in the pocket and lies in the locker. It dwells in the heart and mind.

33. Money buys us pretense like luxuries & cosmetics, but cannot sell satisfaction and beauty.

34. Today looking rich is more important than being rich.

35. Money can be important for survival, but to live, money provides no value.

36. The power of money is also accompanied by the fear of great loss.

37. Don't chase money. Let the money chase you.

38. If you want to see money grow, give charity.

39. Money can buy you luxury things, but when there is something as priceless as life, love, and happiness, even money can't buy it.

40. Money has made everyone unhappy. The rich are afraid of losing it while the poor are afraid of not having it.