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50+ The Best Words of Wisdom Motivational Spirit in Life

50+ The Best Words of Wisdom Motivational Spirit in Life

Every human being must not be separated from various kinds of events, there are challenges, difficult obstacles, and opportunities that do not come twice, as well as experiences that are so valuable. We can use all of that as a lesson to become a better person from time to time. Because of that all of them are the best teachers in teaching various kinds in this life, so that we don't fall into the same error hole a second time.

When you are feeling or going through a phase that is so heavy and painful. Of course, every human being in general has an angry, sad, upset nature, that is the journey of our lives in this world. If we are feeling things like that, maybe we need wise words about life. There are so many words, which can be made to reflect or be used as motivation and inspire ourselves or be used as material for introspection and used as learning from the following pearls of wisdom. we see!!!

50+ The Best Words of Wisdom Motivational Spirit in Life

1. Life on earth is so short, and only as a temporary stopover, so don't worry or be in a hurry, in getting things done, and believe that we will feel life, like the fragrance of flowers in every journey of our lives.

2. Helping is not because we want to be paid or rewarded with something more, but helping with sincerity is better and beautiful, because one day we will be paid for with more than what we have done we would never even have imagined before, by ourselves.

3. Appreciate the short time, because by respecting the short time success will come to pick you up.

4. Time is very short, so don't ever waste time, and time will never be able to repeat itself.

5. Be enthusiastic in pursuing something, don't ever think about giving up, and rest assured the road to success will soon be realized.

6. Have a dream, which is very big because with that dream we will be happy in our lives later.

7. The purpose of our life is not in this world but we still have a life in the hereafter we will return to Allah swt.

8. A life full of simplicity will make you happy, simplicity does not mean a life that relies on a difficult portion of life, but that simplicity where there are certain limits or rules with ourselves, don't make it difficult by ourselves.

9. Life is the stage of dreams for those who are wise, comedy for those who are rich, tragedy for those who are poor.

10. If our lives never find our own identity, we just have to be ourselves, because being ourselves is more interesting and liked by many people.

11. life is like a dream of ups and downs, we must experience it, but are we aware of all the blessings of the almighty god.

12. If we are tired, tired in terms of worldly affairs, try to try to be enthusiastic in the affairs of the hereafter.

13. Enthusiastic in making a living, because at home there is already someone waiting for us.

14. Happiness is not caused by having abundant wealth but because we are very grateful.

15. Life is not about wealth, position, throne, looks, but life comes from ourselves, why be someone else and other people don't necessarily want to be ourselves, they eat rice, we also eat rice, still be us because we are the best in the eyes of God.

16. Why do we regret what has happened.

17. Family is the best friend when we face many trials.

18. Be grateful for the trials that befall you, why? Because God wants us to be stronger.

19. Sometimes we have to close our eyes, so we can see the true beauty. (Kilian Jornet)

20. We suffer the most because we love, love is still more. To die in love, means to live with it. (Victor Hugo)

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21. Don't be sad when you have a lot of problems, remember that God is very close to us.

22. All trials and tests will surely come in our lives, being patient is the real key because with patience God will always be close to us.

23. All prayers must be answered, be patient when God delays our prayers, because God wants us to always be close to him.

24. Success comes from dreams, keep dreaming and trying, so that success can be achieved.

25. When the ideals are in front of the eyes, keep the spirit, and achieve it with prayer.

26. The beginning of success comes from our minds, success is our state of mind, if you want success, then start to think that you are successful, and fill your mind with success.

27. Start learning from scratch, because one day when we have everything we will feel pride in ourselves, and can't forget all the struggles when we are in trouble.

28. Pray when you have a lot of problems, get closer to God because God has it and is omniscient.

29. Mistakes are very valuable lessons, why because with mistakes we can learn from these mistakes and fix them.

30. The secret of happiness is freedom, And the secret of freedom is courage.

31. We are free to go. Enjoy the air of freedom and live an inspiring life.

32. We truly deserve to be happy and appreciated. Do things that make us happy. Don't let the little things steal our happiness in any way.

33. Don't think what will happen if you fail! Think, what if you flew?

34. Have the courage to pursue your dreams. Live it and follow it up.

35. It's time to be the best version of you. Get up and hit!

36. Train your mind to think positively. Having positive thoughts shapes your thoughts and life.

37. Don't put too much pressure on yourself! Take some time for yourself and calm down.

38. You only live once. This is not an exercise. Enjoy every day!

39. Seek the light of hope every day. You never know what your future will be.

40. It's not just your physical appearance - it's the beauty of your soul.

41. every human being has made a mistake, whether it's a big or small mistake, because we are human, the best mistake is, where we are able to rise up and correct the mistake and not repeat the same mistake twice.

42. dreams are our dreams, who feels the dream, other people or us, of course we feel our own dreams, be proud of yourself.

43. make failure as a lesson, for success in the future.

44. failure is delayed success, the most important thing is that you have tried and can be used as experience.

45. Do not want to be defeated by lust itself, because lust does not necessarily bring happiness in the world and the hereafter.

46. The key to happiness is being grateful and patient, Thankful for the blessings God has given, Patience for the trials and tests that are being faced.

47. Complaining is not the best way to solve problems, stay calm and try and be accompanied by prayers, so that your problems are quickly resolved.

48. The journey of life is the most difficult journey, because life is full of trials and tribulations, so that we can continue to live a good life, is to remain calm and patient.

49. Remember that there are winners and losers, don't be sad when you lose, because defeat can be the beginning of victory. Remember, don't be proud when you win, because victory can be the beginning of defeat.

50. life in the world is like a spinning wheel, if you are at the top, never be arrogant and proud, because there are still many who are waiting under you with sincerity and sincerity.

That's a list of a collection of motivational wise words, the point is that we can take the meaning of the quote above, hopefully it's useful, thank you. Don't forget to share this quote with your friends, okay, see you in the next article.