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33 Islamic words of wisdom Motivation in Hijrah conditioning the heart

33 Islamic words of wisdom Motivation in Hijrah conditioning the heart

Islamic pearls of wisdom. In a history, there are people who have killed 99 people and even made it up to 100 when the Consultation wanted to turn into a good person. What was the local cleric showing? he said "hajir ila hunak"

You move to that place because there is badness here that makes you far from Allah,

Moving to that place learns from a sheikh there guidance about the religion of ALLAH for the sake of ALLAH, we say when this person intends to change, how many times have he not yet reached his destination until the middle suddenly death came sooner which he guessed what happened.

Pay attention to the killers of 99 people whose lives are full of immorality and have a desire to change, want to join ta'lim not until the place where the dead came to pick up the person concerned in this story state this person because the intention to abort his sins, his journey brings new rewards to himself, so he enters heaven. .

Surah Annisa Verse 100 And whoever intends to get out of the place where he lives then he intends to change because of ALLAH and his Messenger but suddenly death comes sooner which he thinks is immoral. The following Islamic pearls of heart conditioning.

Islamic Aphorisms of Imam Al-Ghazali.

1. Teach him what you know that you don't know, and learn from him who knows what you don't. If you do this, you will learn what you don't know and retain what you already know. Imam Al-Ghazali

2. Honorable people will not tell people how great they are, people will experience greatness just by being with them. Imam Al-Ghazali

3. Don't think that death is death. Even! This is life. Imam Al-Ghazali

4. The road to Firdaus is an uphill climb, while Hell is descending. Therefore, there is a struggle to Paradise and not to Hell. Imam Al-Ghazali

5. The ultimate goal of self-discipline is to find one's heart constantly before God. Imam Al-Ghazali

6. Purifying the soul is serious: the afterlife is ahead, the world is behind, death is near, the journey is far away and the provisions are light. Imam Al-Ghazali

7. Knowledge without action is waste and action without knowledge is ignorance. Imam Al-Ghazali

8. The biggest barrier between you and God is you. Imam Al-Ghazali

9. The true greatness of man lies in his eternal progress. Imam Al-Ghazali

10. There is no way to reach the end without mastering the beginning. Imam Al-Ghazali

11. We are external blaming beings, not realizing that the problem is usually internal. Imam Al-Ghazali

12. Know that gratitude is from the highest level of the station, and it is higher than patience, fear, and the detachment of the world. Imam Al-Ghazali

Words of Islamic Pearls of Al-Hasan al-Basri.

1. In this life, the believer is like a prisoner trying hard to free his neck; he never felt safe until he met God, the Most High and Most Glorious. Al-Hasan al-Basri

2. Indeed, Allah allows [a person] to enjoy blessings as long as He wills. But when He was no longer grateful for it, He turned it into punishment. Al-Hasan al-Basri

3. Patience is a treasure from the treasures of heaven, Allah does not give it except to His noble servants. Hasan Al Basri

4. You are nothing but a few days, and every time one day passes, some of you die. Hasan Al-Basri

5. Improve your performance in what is left (time) and you will be forgiven for what has passed. So be careful with the remaining time because you don't know when your soul will be surrendered to Allah's Grace. Hasan al Basri

6. O Son of Dam! Walk the earth on your feet as long as you want, for it will soon be your grave. You haven't stopped reducing your life span since you came from your mother's womb. Hasan al Basri

7. Intention is superior to action. Hasan al Basri

8. Whoever tries to compete with your religion, then compete and beat him. And whoever tries to compete with your world, let him be with the world. Hasan Al-Basri

9. Don't hate what happens to you. Because what you hate can be the cause of the solution for you and what you like can be the cause of your destruction. Hasan Al-Basri

10. Among the signs of Allah turning away from a person is that Allah makes his preoccupation with things that are not beneficial to him. Hasan Al-Bashri

Buya Hamka Islamic Pearls

1. Eternal beauty lies in the beauty of one's manners and the height of one's knowledge. Not lying on his face and clothes. Buya Hamka

2. Youth must have high ideals so that their lives are meaningful. When his ambitions were achieved, especially in his old age, he would stare at the stairs he had walked past with a smile. Buya Hamka

3. There is no close or relative who is more loyal than a friend who supports and helps to encourage us in doing a good deed. Buya Hamka

4. If you want to see Muslims then look when Eid al -Fitr, that's Muslims. But if you want to see the believers then come to the mosque during the dawn prayer. Buya Hamka

5. Our job is not to succeed. Our job is to try, because it is in trying that we find and learn to build opportunities for success. Buya Hamka

6. If you are poor, please your heart, because you have been spared from a mental illness, a disease of pride that always befalls the rich. Rejoice your heart because no one will be jealous and envious of you again, because of your poverty. Poverty and destitution are favors, for which there is no way for others to be discouraged, and there is no door for hatred. Buya Hamka

7. It is clear that a peaceful household is a combination of the strength of men and the delicacy of women. Buya Hamka

8. When you are born you cry but others laugh, but fight until you die, others mourn your departure but you laugh in a smile. Buya Hamka

9. Love is war, which is a great war in the human spirit. When the pure soul is victorious, it will be found with a sincere, sincere, broad understanding, patient and open -hearted person. If he loses, there will be a perverted despair, a weak heart, a small heart, and sometimes even a loss of self-confidence. Buya Hamka

10. If you already know something, you should frankly study until you know the truth. And if you don't know yet, say frankly that you don't know yet. That is his knowledge. People who claim to know everything, are not knowledgeable people. Buya Hamka.