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30 most beautiful short love motivational quotes full of meaning and touching the heart

Everyone will want to have strong love or true love, but true love will not be obtained if someone is unable to understand the meaning of true love.

Strong love can be built by understanding each other, and sometimes true love is not easily obtained by couples who do not understand each other, the meaning of true love is very diverse, so that we know more about the meaning of true love, I will present a collection of quotes. true love which has many short meanings and full of inspiration so that our relationship with our partners is even stronger, summarized from various sources.

most beautiful short love motivational quotes full of meaning and touching the heart

1. Together does not mean loyal, separate does not mean betrayal, stories may be forgotten, but history must still be remembered.

2. It's hard to be happy, the most important thing is that you always get together with your family.
"Smile" whatever the problem.
"Be grateful" for what you already have.

3. Here I am just struggling to sweat it out with a direct reward value & there my brothers all the Muslims fight to the death, shedding blood without stopping. No wonder I complain when this body is tired, those who are there are fighting for their lives and property for the sake of peace of mind.

4. It takes extra struggle and sacrifice, both prayer and effort. Insha Allah, the results will never betray you. Aamiin ya Allah yra.

5. Keep giving the best even though sometimes it's difficult.

6. Sometimes I get tired physically with this activity because I have too much energy and my mind is drained, the pain in my body is extraordinary, but until now I have to be strong and healthy to do it without reducing my gratitude for all the opportunities that Allah has given.

7. Good love does not start with the eyes, but from the heart.

8. Understand love with the heart, do not understand it with lust.

9. Life is important to be grateful and what it is.

10. Falling in love can not choose who and for whom. Anonymous

11. It is useless if you say loyal but your heart tells lies.

12. I love you and that's the beginning and end of everything. F. Scott Fitzgerald

13. We live best when we are in love. John Updike

14. If you find someone you love in your life, then stick to that love. Princess Diana

15. The story of true love never ends.

16. It is better to love and lose, than to never love at all.

17. Love will not grow if you don't water it every day.

18. Love is like a tree, if it is not planted it will not get its produce or fruit.

19. Never force love if you don't want to get hurt.

20. True Love will never fall / waver even if the waves / storms hit it.

21. Loyalty can be owned by everyone if someone has strong sincerity.

22. Life is the goal of love is a gift given by God to humans.

23. Sometimes true love comes from beside us, it's just that we can't see it unless we already feel pain and sadness.

24. Starting from someone can feel happiness.

25. Love is patient. Love is the kind that is printed on burning paper.

26. life fully creates happiness talking friendly decoration.

27.I fell in love with you not because of what you are but because of who you are.

28. Close to you this heart becomes calm.

29. True Love understands each other.

30. May we are destined to continue to be together in heaven later.

Those are the most beautiful motivational love quotes, hopefully they can be useful, thank you for reading them.