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15. Alone words in loneliness

Sometimes life is very tiring and at that time the soul seems to want to be alone in loneliness, contemplating all that has happened, how beautiful it is when there is someone who motivates themselves, because humans need each other,

Alone words in loneliness.

1. If comfortable alone, to if there are other people, it's better to be alone first.

2. A dark night accompanied by starlight, as if comforting someone who is sad and lonely.

3. If you only come to hurt this heart the umpteenth time, you better go and take this wound with you.

4. leave me alone without you, I can still live, can eat.

5. I just want to be alone and away from crowded places, I just want to contemplate all of what has happened.

6. Silence in loneliness and solitude, then let my soul be.

7. Leave me alone so I can know which one is upside down for me.

8. There are times when a person needs to be lonely so he can contemplate whatever he wants.

10. I am just an ordinary human who is weak and helpless, I also get tired.

12. Like a tree without leaves

13. Water of serenity in times of solitude and loneliness.

14. I like being alone, because myself feels good.

15. I want to quickly run as far as possible and leave everything, without the burden on my shoulders.

words to be alone in loneliness, hopefully it can be useful to keep up the spirit because the problem must have an end.