Islamic wise words Quotes. -

Islamic wise words Quotes.

Islamic wise words Quotes. What is wrong if, we see. our daily lives, with respect admin wants to share a little, about the words of wisdom of Islam, someone who is Muslim is obliged to study in the world and the hereafter, but there are also in world affairs you must have limits.

Islamic wise words Quotes.

So that our daily lives are always protected by Allah SWT, and always in the grace of Allah SWT, there are many ways to get more knowledge about Islam and practice the knowledge that we have acquired for example practicing knowledge in social media status or directly, of course in practicing knowledge on social media seems to feel empty without getting any reward, whereas Allah Almighty has obliged every servant to seek knowledge, and practice his knowledge.

And the Messenger of Allah has said in the hadith beliou, 

"Anyone who practices knowledge even if only one letter will be valued will be honored into ten virtues, and I am not saying Aliplaamim is one letter but Alip is one letter laa One letter and one letter are one, and we are said by Rosullah SAW, as the best person in the end times. "

Following: words of wisdom of Islam.

"If this world feels difficult and difficult, what is wrong if we try to improve life after death, who knows we will get happiness in the afterlife."

"If searching for the world is only left behind, try to find life after death that we will always live in life after death."

"If we love a boyfriend more than anything, try to love our parents more than anything, even our lives, because a boyfriend will later leave us and parents will never leave their children."

"In the life of the world we are only looking for money, and the money we will spend, if we seek knowledge for our provisions in the future, then that knowledge will never run out forever, the world is important, but the hereafter is also important."

"Search the world only for our temporary supplies and as if we will live in this world forever, and look for the afterlife for us to remain forever in it, because the hereafter is where we will return forever."

"Do not marry grieving just because you were destroyed or abandoned by a boyfriend but saddened, because you are still loved by God, because God will give you the best friend for you more than him."

"Clean your tears, because God loves you so much, Make your darkness a light that will guide you to a very bright path."

"Never look for friends who will take you into darkness, but find friends who will take you to bright lights. Be thankful for your current situation, because there are still many people who want to live like you."

"Never betray someone who is truly sincere to you, no matter how bad he is if he is truly sincere and you accept it, one day you will surely be happy with him."

"What is your motivation? ... If my motivation is to live with you forever, I even want you to live together until we are in heaven, God willing, amen."

"Never try to disturb the anthill, because when the ant is angry you will get hurt."