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7 List of Indonesian Attractions in Sukabumi Regency

Sukabumi is a regency located in the southern part of West Java. Reporting from Wikipedia.org, the district of Sukabumi is the 2nd largest district on the island of Java after Banyuwangi.
The southern part of Sukabumi district is dominated by undulating land contours, while in the middle it is dominated by hilly land. The northern part of Sukabumi district has a mountainous land contour.
7 List of Indonesian Attractions in Sukabumi Regency

The majority of Sukabumi people have a profession as farmers, some are gardening and become fishermen. The three sectors are the main supporters of the economy in Sukabumi.

However, now the economy of Sukabumi is starting to expand into the tourism sector. This is marked by the emergence of new tourism objects in Sukabumi district.

The government also intervened in fixing tourism objects in Sukabumi district. Such as maintenance, promotion, improvement of road access, and others.

For those of you who plan to visit Sukabumi, here I give recommendations.

1. Goa Buniayu.

For you lovers of natural attractions, especially Goa, maybe Goa Buniayu will be the most appropriate destination when visiting Sukabumi. Located in the village. Kertaangsa Kec. Nyalindung, Goa Buniayu offers beautiful and natural scenery. Goa Buniayu itself is included in the category of Goa with the best content structure in Asia.

Entrance tickets to Goa Buniayu are also relatively cheap, around Rp. 15000

2. Selabintana Recreation Park.

If you want a cool atmosphere, but don't want to be too far from the city center, maybe Selabintana can be the best destination. Located not too far from downtown Sukabumi, Selabintana park offers a cool atmosphere typical of the mountains.

The entrance ticket to Selabintana recreational park is quite affordable. Only Rp. 5000 per person.

3. Halimun Salak National Park.

Still themed in the mountains, Halimun Salak National Park is located on Jl. Raya Cipanas, Kec. Kabandungan, Kab. Sukabumi. This tourist attraction offers natural beauty, waterfalls, and cool atmosphere. There is also an outbound area that can be used either with friends, or family.

4. Cimaja Beach.

Turning to the beach attraction, there is a Cimaja beach located on Ds. Cimaja, Kec. Cikakak, Sukabumi. What makes this beach popular is the high waves and suitable for surfing.

Many domestic and foreign tourists want to try the Cimaja beach waves.

5. Ciptagelar Village.

Sukabumi also has customary areas, one of which is the Ciptagelar village. The village in the village of Sinaresmi, Cisolok still preserves tradition for generations. Both in terms of habits, how to dress, to the shape of the house still maintains tradition.

6. Curug Cigangsa.

Curug alias waterfall is a tourist attraction that is no less interesting to visit. Visiting the waterfall area will give its own sensation. One of the best waterfalls in Sukabumi is Curug Cigangsa located in Batusuhunan Village, Surade District.

The price of admission to Curug Cigangsa is quite affordable. Only Rp. 5000

7. Bukit Karang Numpang.

Located in Kampung Legoknyenang, Cikujang Village, Gunungguruh District, Sukabumi. Karang Numpang Hill offers beautiful and beautiful valley views. This hill has also been used as a shooting location for one of the big screen films that is 5 CM.

The entrance ticket to Bukit Karang Numpang itself is quite affordable. Only Rp. 3000 and a parking fee of Rp. 2000

Actually there are many other attractions in the district of Sukabumi. Whether it's mountain tourism, waterfalls, caves, beaches, and other destinations. However, that's all for this post. May be useful. If you have questions, don't hesitate to comment.

Thank you hopefully can be useful.

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